Monday, December 14, 2009

Final Result N

north of barry hall

To relieve a site lacking unity and reason. While keeping the Northern building and gas station, I propose building new around the site's perimeter, connecting to these existing buildings. By maximising land use and providing parking, this barren site will be less of an eye sore.

Final Result T

bike and pedestrian path

In response to Fargo's climate, a time saving and shielded path will connect NDSU's downtown Renaissance Building and Klai Hall. Heated structures, vegetation, and tensile protection is added onto existing buildings along the route for pedestrians to escape undesirable elements.
A bike sharing system should be incorporated throughout the university to lessen air pollution and promote physical activity.
Existing parking lots should manage water run off and exploit vegetation buffers.

Final Result R

woodrow wilson site

While respecting the mass and scale of the context, I utilize an existing education facility and bring in density to the area. A visual transition forms between single family dwellings and mixed housing or commercial spaces to Woodrow Wilson. The WW building could be re-purposed to contain art studios, lecture areas, immigrant housing, high-end condos, or NDSU classrooms. Underground parking allows public green space for site occupants to share. A line of sight is left between the shared green space and drivers coming down University Drive. If the back side of this new structure is used for commercial or retail, the public will see that it exists!

Final Result I

fargo fire station

To fully utilize site area and volume, consider a building threshold of 3 levels and design adaptive structures for future growth and re-usability. An open floor plan can use modular furniture to suit user needs. Parking accommodations are provided in a ramp to the east of the existing fire station building.

I still think the downtown Fargo area could use a fitness facility for young professionals. The first and part of the second level could be used for this. A multi-use space, offices, a coffee shop, or contemporary study areas could replace the fitness center. An open floor plan would be most valuable because that allows many uses for the space. I proposed the third level as apartments. This could also change into classrooms or offices over time.

Pre-Final Presentation


To do:
1. Further develop each site.
2. Add Vegetation.
3. Perspectives from eye level.

To Change:
1. Perspectives from eye level.
2. How do people use this space?
1. Provide parking structure.
2. Lower building threshold to 3 stories.
3. Simplify and clean up.
1. Allow visual link between University Drive and commercial spaces facing courtyard.
2. Remove buildings linking the Woodrow Wilson School to the housing units/commercial spaces.
1. Simplify.
2. Do not detail. Focus on other 3 projects.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Future Design Guide

-respect existing architecture with mass and scale.
-create site specific designs with visual anchors.
-avoid low solid building planes. ex. every 50 feet there should be a horizontal or vertical shift in the building.
-no false fronts on buildings. the exterior should reflect the interior.
-in the downtown mixed-use district there shall be no residences on ground level. this is a public level.
-create visual depth.
-tax lots by square foot.
-to make winter walking manageable, provide heated public space or covered pathways on ground level (bus stop, open business, etc..) every so many feet.
-a certain percentage of a lot should be occupied to avoid suburban style building.
-each lot should manage its run-off.
-existing parking lots should be upgraded to satisfy today's standards by a certain date.
-new structures should be built to carry the load of 3 additional floors.
-new structures must be built to last many years and the space within must be flexible.
-determine Fargo's height threshold for the renaissance zone.

Specific Stuff I Notice.
-no fake awnings.
-use indirect lighting for buildings exterior. with few exceptions, exposed lighting looks tacky.
-bright colors are for architectural details.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

NDSU Master Plan

The master plan for NDSU will infill between the main campus and downtown campus with mix-used and commercial development to eventually serve 4,000 downtown students. To reach this goal, the plan focuses on the 10th Street corridor, public transportation, bike/pedestrian paths, and landscape links.
Area Zoning. NOTE: all images retrieved from NDSU Campus Master Plan

Future Bike/Pedestrian Paths