Friday, October 30, 2009

Future Design Guide

-respect existing architecture with mass and scale.
-create site specific designs with visual anchors.
-avoid low solid building planes. ex. every 50 feet there should be a horizontal or vertical shift in the building.
-no false fronts on buildings. the exterior should reflect the interior.
-in the downtown mixed-use district there shall be no residences on ground level. this is a public level.
-create visual depth.
-tax lots by square foot.
-to make winter walking manageable, provide heated public space or covered pathways on ground level (bus stop, open business, etc..) every so many feet.
-a certain percentage of a lot should be occupied to avoid suburban style building.
-each lot should manage its run-off.
-existing parking lots should be upgraded to satisfy today's standards by a certain date.
-new structures should be built to carry the load of 3 additional floors.
-new structures must be built to last many years and the space within must be flexible.
-determine Fargo's height threshold for the renaissance zone.

Specific Stuff I Notice.
-no fake awnings.
-use indirect lighting for buildings exterior. with few exceptions, exposed lighting looks tacky.
-bright colors are for architectural details.

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