Monday, October 19, 2009

Zoning Analysis

Woodrow Wilson Site = Public Institutional zone
To accommodate uses of a governmental, civic, public service or quasi-public nature, including major public facilities. USES = colleges, health care facilities, schools, and similar uses. CONTEXT = Surrounded by Single Dwelling (SR-4) zone, Downtown Mixed-Use, Limited Commercial space. PROPOSING = as of now...Downtown Mixed-Use District
The Northern Block = Downtown Mixed-Use
To preserve and enhance the City's downtown area. The district allows a broad range of uses in order to enhance downtown Fargo's role as a commercial, cultural, governmental, and residential center. In recognition of existing public facility capacity and downtown planning goals, very intensive development is allowed, with high building coverage, large buildings, and buildings placed close together. Development is intended to be pedestrian oriented with a strong emphasis on a safe and attractive street-scape. Current zone suits my needs.
Current Fire Station = Downtown Mixed-Use (DMU)
Current zone suits my proposal.
Proposed bike path also falls into the DMU zone. Setback issues may apply if warming houses are used. 

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