Tuesday, September 8, 2009

10 Things I Want to See Downtown

1. More pedestrian friendly. Trolley? Covered walk? 
2. Entertainment for a broader group of people. Country bar? Disco? Modern Movie Theatre? All connected?
3. Regulate paved areas. For every _______square feet of concrete there will be this much vegetation. 
4. Interior Design Department of NDSU
5. Wellness center and Downtown Campus Hub. 
6. Affordable general store. 
7. Greenway connecting NDSU main campus with downtown campus. 
8. Smarter parking. Underground? Shared lots? Hidden lots? 
9. Move industrial businesses out to industrial park by 45th street to encourage future mix-use or residential development. 
10. Restore and preserve what we have, embrace it while filling in, and create the unifying design quality throughout the downtown district.

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