Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Guest Speakers

This past week we have had a few guest lectures, each emphasizing a different element in future development of the downtown area. Key issues brought to our area are as follows:

1. Location is everything.
2. Lots downtown are much smaller than lots on the outskirts of town. Developers want larger lots.
3. The market and money drive every design. Sometimes quality is lost because it costs more.
4. Developing and planning jobs are given to those design professionals in our area. This may hinder big city dreams.
5. We need to create a diverse downtown, embracing all of Fargo's habitants.
6. Mix-use zones do not require parking.
7. Parking ramp may be out of the picture.
8. We must strengthen the corridor between NDSU's main campus and the downtown campus via 10th street.

I am interested to hear from other influential design personel from our area.

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