Friday, September 25, 2009


Bike and Pedestrian Path.

With the NDSU campus branching out into the downtown area, students and faculty now encounter the Fargo citizens via the road.  
My goal is to provide a safe and efficient transportation route for all downtown occupants by creating a landscaped pedestrian and bike path between the downtown NDSU buildings.
With downtown Fargo embracing sustainability issues, the need to accommodate alternative transportation methods is pertinent. I plan on incorporating a new bike sharing system throughout NDSU's campus and downtown Fargo/Moorhead.
This picture is an example of the BCN Bicycle sharing system in Barcelona, Spain. These bike stations are disbursed throughout the community for bike check-out and check-in points.   I think these stations could easily be phased into downtown Fargo and be used daily. 

green = proposed path
orange = open green space (benches/outdoor lounge/special feature)
red = parking
purple = alternative routes

The path I am proposing would work best if NP and 1st Avenue North became 2 way streets again.  I would fill in the curvy street that connects Roberts Street with 8th street to replace parking that I plan on turning into a path. If the additional parking is unnecessary, it would be a great green space. 

Quality Materials: 
-unique detail
-stamped concrete or brick
-permeable pavers whenever possible
-add vegetation for shade, weather protection, scent, aesthetic reasons too

  • After careful traffic analysis, filling in the curved street between 8th Street and Roberts Street would create a congestion of cars at the Roberts Street intersection which isn't ideal for being directly next to a school. 
  • Instead of eliminating the parking structure to create more green space, I decided to "green" up the existing parking lot using the guidelines I found.  

3 out of the 9 months during the school year it is pleasant enough to walk outside. Breaking up outdoor travel time with heat waves makes a difference when walking outside during the cold months. This plan suggests an outdoor bike/pedestrian path with periodic enclosures. At least three buildings along the route could easily shelter the path by either completely enclosing it or creating a built canopy for it. The transitions between buildings aren't able to shelter the path, so using plants that would eventually create a natural awning could provide adequate protection.
The orange blocks represent obvious places buildings could shelter the path. In addition, the buildings to the west of the Plains Art Museum and the west side of the Federal Building could also provides solutions to cover the path.
I am looking into ways of creating a sky-way system that would connect these buildings for complete protection for the downtown NDSU occupants.

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